Roulette in the cinema

Roulette makes its cinema at Bonus Online Casino! We’ve finally finished our list of our favorite roulette movies! All in all, you are going to be entitled to different films directly or indirectly related to roulette!


Captain Louis Renault chats with Rick, a cynical cafe manager, who decides to add a roulette table to his establishment so that a newlywed couple can win enough money to buy their visa for the United States. United.

The scene :

Rick: How can you close my establishment? For what reasons ?

Captain Renault: I am shocked, shocked to find out that there are casino games in your cafe!

The croupier (to Captain Renault): Your winnings, sir!

Captain Renault: Oh, thank you very much!

What wins, and what game is it? Find out in our article!

Run Lola Run

Remember the scene where Lola makes her final bet on number 20, and utters the most deafening victory cry in all of the history of the big screen? Come on, we’re going to revisit this masterpiece just for your love of roulette!

Toy Story 3

Like what it’s never too early to become a gambler, return to the third installment of the Toy Story cartoon series! We’re going back to the stage, where the characters turn an old Fisher-Price game into a roulette table, for a crazy night of mess!

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